promote your blog on facebook

So You Want To Promote Your Blog On Facebook? You Might Have Come To The Right Place. Here’s My Actionable Guide To Maybe Achieving *Some* Traffic… The Coming Out Post You have penned that first blog post and need some peer approval, attention and reassurance. The go-to next step is posting a link to Facebook. Depending on…Continue Reading “#10 How (Not) To Promote Your Blog On Facebook”

living with strangers and slugs

Living with strangers in generation rent It was a Thursday evening, around 10:16pm. I’d just got home from training. I wasn’t going to elaborate on “training” but I will. Korfball training — an obscure Dutch sport that’s a cross between basketball and netball. It’s how I have spent my Thursday evenings for the past 4 years. The…Continue Reading “#7 Living with Strangers and Slugs”

the three lessons I learned from failing my driving test twice (in one week) quite frank lee

Failing your driving test sucks. Failing my driving test twice in one week really sucked. I’ve reflected on it A LOT since and here are the life lessons I’ve learned. Failure comes in different flavours: disappointment, frustration, regret. Sometimes we dwell on the injustice. We make excuses to others — or worse yet — to ourselves. We got unlucky….Continue Reading “#4 The 3 Lessons I Learned Failing My Driving Test Twice (In One Week)”