Working For Free: The Debate In my first summer of university, I worked three different jobs a week. For 3 days, I worked on an unpaid internship doing mainly admin work for a disabilities charity. As they didn’t have enough work for me the rest of the week, I volunteered in a charity shop for…Continue Reading “Working For Free – 10x Your Impact And Growth For Nothing #16”

interview lessons from both sides of the table

7 Interview lessons Job interviews are a unique experience. It’s not often in life that you are encouraged to talk about yourself—to tell everyone just how great you are. Precisely because it’s not something you do very regularly, it’s easy to feel underprepared and anxious. Especially if your dream job is on the line. This week…Continue Reading “Interview Lessons From Both Sides Of The Table #13”

how much should i charge for my time as a freelancer

How much should I charge as a freelancer? The prevalence of this question is only increasing as we transition towards a “gig economy” with self-employment and part-time work on the rise. Freelancers face a lot of challenges. How to find and win clients… How to manage deadlines and juggle projects… From personal experience, however, the thing…Continue Reading “How Much Should I Charge For My Time? #12”

promote your blog on facebook

So You Want To Promote Your Blog On Facebook? You Might Have Come To The Right Place. Here’s My Actionable Guide To Maybe Achieving *Some* Traffic… The Coming Out Post You have penned that first blog post and need some peer approval, attention and reassurance. The go-to next step is posting a link to Facebook. Depending on…Continue Reading “How (Not) To Promote Your Blog On Facebook #10”