acquiring our first customer

Last summer, I had an idea for a business or side-hustle. That idea was building custom-made websites for driving instructors around the country. It was born out of my own painful experience trailing through instructor websites when wanting to learn to drive. Almost all of these sites mimicked the same ugly templates. And many instructors I…Continue Reading “Acquiring Our First Customer For A New Business Venture #37”

the cure for indecisiveness

I used to be indecisive but now I’m not sure. One of my first blog posts here was about overthinking and the paralysis it causes. Today I want to explore the roots of my indecisive personality a bit deeper and share a realisation I recently had while listening to an audiobook. The Cause and Effect of Indecision Indecision…Continue Reading “The Cure For Indecisiveness and Attending Anxiety #33”

cold calling for introverts and millennials

Last week I sold software to a Cathedral from a cold call. A Cathedral. There’s probably a cloud-based pun in there somewhere… Sales has a bad rep When you think of a salesman, you think of slimy estate agents or so-called “recruitment consultants”. The kind who ripped you off with made-up admin fees (I just…Continue Reading “Cold Calling For Introverts and Millennials #31”