Becoming The Verb: Intention vs Action #38

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intention vs action

Dreamers and Doers

There’s a great phrase that goes something like this…

Most people want to be the noun, without doing the verb.

Does that sound like you or someone you know?

We are all guilty of this to some extent. You might want to be a writer, yet you aren’t writing.

We set goals and delay their pursuit. The idea of being something is more glamorous than the work. For many people, the label alone sustains them.

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Why haven’t you pursued that idea yet? I’ll tell you, because it’s hard. Doing the work is hard. It always will be.

Do you always complain that you don’t have any money? Well, what have you done about it? Are you spending less? Saving more?

You don’t suddenly become successful or rich without trying, even if trying means buying a lottery ticket (not advised). You have to play the game. Any game.

You’re Ambitious, So What?

The thing about great ideas and big intentions is that everyone has them.

Sure, some people are more ambitious than others. But everyone at least wants to improve their lot. We all share that in common. Very rarely do we take stock and settle down, completely content. The desire for better things is there but the action seldom follows up.

I have always wanted to be exceptional. It’s a strange statement to make. An uncomfortable one. Yet I think it isn’t such an egotistical statement, after all, but a secret hope we all share.

Exceptional outcomes require exceptional input.

That’s something I read somewhere else too. Malcolm Gladwell talks about it taking 10,000 hours of practice to reach mastery in something. He points to Bills Gates and The Beatles.

I’m not convinced of something as arbitrary as a 10,000 hour rule but I definitely believe the following:

If you want remarkable results, you need to be remarkable. In other words, an outlier.

The Grind: Intention vs Action

It is 10:37pm on a Sunday evening. I’m writing this blog post after working on my latest web design project all evening. Earlier today, I had a call with a prospect, trying to line up the next.

Tomorrow I will get up, work my 9-5, hit the gym and then return to working on the website. I might type up this post. I will read something constructive too.

No one becomes successful overnight. The road is laid one day (or evening) at a time. When most people my age might be watching Netflix or playing Fortnite, I’m laying my foundations for something bigger. Lots of small actions to compound.

Maybe I’m just wired differently but I can’t take any pride in that. That’s an ego trap waiting to end me. Besides, intent is not enough. Take aim all you want but it is the work alone that counts.┬áThere is no substitute for action.

Here’s to pulling my finger out and changing up a gear. For future Lee.

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