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What is Quite Frank Lee?


QuiteFrankLee.com is a project I started back in August 2013. I was a different person then. I didn’t know anything about websites or marketing but I always wanted to write. So I just started a WordPress blog, with no goals, no audience in mind. 

18 years old. An angsty teen with an opinion on everything from the royal family to free speech and the existence of God. I started properly drinking that year and going to house-parties. Things were just getting good.

I was at this big turning-point. Dreading my A-Level results, I was looking forward to university at the same time. Entering the complete unknown.

The blog was my distraction, an attempt to both confront and avoid the big question marks hanging over me. Looking back through those old posts, I am equally as embarrassed and proud. You can often tell I was writing as therapy. (I got all meta in my second ever post entitled “An Open Letter To A. Worrier”.)

Well, I got into university and life got even better. I stopped blogging at some point in my first year, too busy with everything else. I was really happy.

Two years later, I tried to start up again, one week after handing in my dissertation on postcolonial African literature (obviously). I realise now, this was no mere coincidence: I was on the verge of graduating, confronted once more with the unknown. The title of my first post back gave it away really: “The Future Freaks Me Out”

I didn’t last long that second time, but here I am: third-time lucky.

What’s different this time?

Well, the name was too good to lose so that’s staying.

I’d like to think I’m a better writer after 3 years of formal education…

I suppose I’ve lived a bit more now. I’m more self-aware. My ambitions have changed but I’m still curious and hungry. I think about everything. I can’t turn my brain off.

Maybe the biggest change is I work in digital marketing. Not academia as I had always imagined. Having built a couple of websites and worked on a dozen more, I have a whole new skill-set. But to be honest, I’m not sure I care too much about building some kind of personal brand here, a mailing list or doing SEO.

I’m a different person today to me in August 2013 but I’m also the same person writing for many of the same reasons. I feel like I have reached another turning-point, or maybe I’ve just realised that the unknown never goes away.

I need to write again. 

This time with a little more purpose and discipline. At the beginning of 2018, I set myself the challenge of a blog every Monday for the year. Something is bound to come out of 52 posts, right? Besides, I want something to look back on, years to come, like I look back on that first blog and my 18 year old self. 

I’ll let him introduce this one too:

WARNING: You have ventured, most probably by accident, to the corner of the internet where I am about to start throwing my opinion at strangers. If you stumbled here in pursuit of cat-related GIFs or pornography, I advise you to retreat and proceed elsewhere.