losing love for a sport korfball

A Love-Hate Relationship I’m going through a mini-crisis at the moment deliberating whether to pack in the sport I have played for the past 5 years, which is called korfball. Losing love for a sport is nothing new to me. On average, my enthusiasm dwindles about once a season but it’s always come back. I’m…Continue Reading “Losing Love For A Sport – Time For A Break? #43”

becoming more efficient

Reframing Productivity (Don’t do more. Do less, better stuff. That’s the gist of this post.) Successful people at large and self-help gurus, in particular, are obsessed with becoming more efficient. Why wouldn’t they be when time is all we really have to play with? Articles along the lines of “10 ways to optimise your daily…Continue Reading “Becoming More Efficient: A Thought Experiment #42”

acquiring our first customer

Last summer, I had an idea for a business or side-hustle. That idea was building custom-made websites for driving instructors around the country. It was born out of my own painful experience trailing through instructor websites when wanting to learn to drive. Almost all of these sites mimicked the same ugly templates. And many instructors I…Continue Reading “Acquiring Our First Customer For A New Business Venture #37”