the future of airbnb

Airbnb To Become The World’s Largest Estate Agent? A few weekends ago, I stayed in an Airbnb property with my parents and girlfriend. I’m a big fan of the platform and have used it to find apartments and homes around Europe from Krakow to Prague and Berlin. This particular stay was a lot closer to home….Continue Reading “The Future Of Airbnb – Predicting A Second Rental Revolution #25”

why I write

Why I Write In a 1946 essay, George Orwell proposes that every writer possesses four primary motivations, to some degree or another, influenced by the atmosphere of the time they belong to. These immutable qualities are 1) sheer egotism, 2) aesthetic enthusiasm, 3) historical impulse and 4) political purpose. When it comes to blogging in the 21st…Continue Reading “Why I Blog – A 21st Century Response to George Orwell’s ‘Why I Write’ #22”

in my opinion until i change it tim minchin

About a year ago, that ginger, long-haired, eye-shadow-wearing comedian-musician, Tim Minchin, cropped up on my Facebook feed. It had been a while since I had stumbled across his parody songs on YouTube (which I would highly recommend). On this occasion, he was wearing a serious pointy hat, addressing a hall full of graduates. The video’s caption…Continue Reading ““In My Opinion Until I Change It” #20″

Working For Free: The Debate In my first summer of university, I worked three different jobs a week. For 3 days, I worked on an unpaid internship doing mainly admin work for a disabilities charity. As they didn’t have enough work for me the rest of the week, I volunteered in a charity shop for…Continue Reading “Working For Free – 10x Your Impact And Growth For Nothing #16”