opportunity overload too much choice

If your family evenings or Friday nights in are anything like mine, the following description will be familiar to you… You are sat around the TV set with half a dozen remote controls in your arsenal. You have Freeview, perhaps Sky or BT, then Netflix and/or Amazon Prime Video channels to choose from. The combined library…Continue Reading “Opportunity Overload – Overwhelmed, Confused and Anxious #48”

losing love for a sport korfball

A Love-Hate Relationship I’m going through a mini-crisis at the moment deliberating whether to pack in the sport I have played for the past 5 years, which is called korfball. Losing love for a sport is nothing new to me. On average, my enthusiasm dwindles about once a season but it’s always come back. I’m…Continue Reading “Losing Love For A Sport – Time For A Break? #43”

becoming more efficient

Reframing Productivity (Don’t do more. Do less, better stuff. That’s the gist of this post.) Successful people at large and self-help gurus, in particular, are obsessed with becoming more efficient. Why wouldn’t they be when time is all we really have to play with? Articles along the lines of “10 ways to optimise your daily…Continue Reading “Becoming More Efficient: A Thought Experiment #42”